Golden Bear Farm


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Our Story

Golden Bear Farm is a certified organic farm producing 100% grass-fed beef and pastured Berkshire pork, owned and operated by Steve and Marie Deibele.

At Golden Bear Farm, only sustainable farming practices are used. The pastures are certified organic, naturally fertilized, and enhanced with sea minerals, high-calcium lime, and organic compost. All the animals are rotationally grazed on fresh pastures and have daily access to fresh air, fresh water, sunshine, and space to exercise. There are NEVER any pesticides or herbicides used on the land, and the animals are NEVER given hormones or antibiotics, or fed corn, soy, processed foods, GMOs, or any foods with artificial additives.

Steve Deibele and his 4 brothers grew up in rural Kiel, Wisconsin. Over many years, Steve acquired nearly 200 tillable acres of farmland near his home and began converting it to organic pastures where livestock could be rotationally grazed.

Steve has always loved animals and dreamed of creating a sustainable farm that provides a natural, nurturing environment for cattle, pigs and horses, while improving the quality of the water, air, soil and plant life.

In 2001, after working many years as an electrical engineer, Steve moved back from sunny California, joined by his new wife, Marie. Golden Bear Farm derives its name from Marie’s home state of California, where the Golden Bear was hunted to extinction. It’s a reminder that we still have a chance to preserve and enhance life on earth.

Even before all the fences were up, Steve began acquiring beef cattle. Over the next few years, he and Marie and lots of helping hands re-planted most of the pastures, put up thousands of feet of fence line, ran irrigation out to all the pastures, and remodeled two barns.

In 2007, Steve began breeding Berkshire pigs. Currently, Golden Bear Farm is home to about 75 steers and 160 pigs.

All of the animals are rotationally grazed, fed a natural species-specific diet, and have plenty of fresh deep well water. Adhering to a Managed Intensive Grazing (MIG) protocol enhances the health of both the animals and the pastures.

Golden Bear Farm is located near the Sheboygan River on Lax Chapel Rd. The farm pastures are set against the beautiful Walla Hi woodlands, home to deer, coyote, foxes, squirrels, rabbits, turkeys, and a wide variety of birds and other critters. Enjoy taking peaceful walks through the woods, while keeping your eyes open for nature at its best. Come see why they all love living here.

Our Products

Pastured Berkshire Pork and 100% Grass-Fed Beef

Our Practices


Breed: Angus, Hereford and Black Baldies
Number of animals: 75
Living conditions: The cattle live outdoors all day, every day. Using Managed Intensive Grazing, they are rotationally grazed across 210 acres of certified organic pastures filled with grasses, clovers, oats and alfalfa. The cattle are rotated to fresh pasture twice per day. In winter, they have bedding packs to lay on, with fresh bedding hay spread every day, so they always have a clean, warm, dry bed.
Certifications: Golden Bear Farm is certified organic and verified by Global Organic Alliance, Inc.
Feed: 100% Grass-Fed
NO Non-certified supplemental feed
NO Hormones
NO Antibiotics


Breed: Berkshire
Number of animals: 160
Living conditions: The pigs are housed in the barn from November to April, with access to outdoors at least one hour every day. Each pig has from 12 to 25 square feet of space in the barn. They are outdoors from May to October, and have up to 1/4 acre of space and a new paddock every three to five days.
Certifications: Golden Bear Farm is certified organic and verified by Global Organic Alliance, Inc.
Feed: Barley, sealed peas, kelp, molasses, seasonal fruits and vegetables, apple cider vinegar
YES certified organic feed
YES non-certified organic feed
NO Hormones (federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones in pork)
NO Antibiotics

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