Mudd Creek LLC


Our Story

Mudd Creek is a dedicated gluten free company located in Appleton, Wisconsin. At Mudd Creek were all about taking our products beyond their traditional use and transforming them into a secret, gluten free, indulgence that allows you to enliven appetizers, entrees and desserts. You’ll like the simplicity, you’ll love the diversity!

Producing Practices

Because our facility is a dedicated gluten free facility and because we make our products for those suffering from health issues such as celiac and/or gluten intolerant, we have to make sure that all dry ingredient products entering our facility are from a dedicated gluten free facility as well. Unfortunately, at this time, there are no certified gluten free facilities that only manufacture gluten free flours in Wisconsin. However, we source all of our fresh ingredients from local farmers, which allows us to prepare them ourselves so as to eliminate any risk of cross-contamination.

No Synthetic Preservatives
No Synthetic Fertilizers, etc.
No Certiifed Organic Fertilizers, etc.

Mudd Creek, LLC is a proud member of “Something Special from Wisconsin”.

Our Products

Mudd Creek specializes in gluten free fruit spreads, baking mixes, tropical granolas, butter spices/rubs and coffee/drink blends.

Who Do You Support When Buying From Us

When purchasing from Mudd Creek, you’re not only supporting our small family-owned local business, but the people who supply us with their products and/or services, such as local fruit farmers, small businesses and local distributors.

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