Pastureland Coop


Our Story

PastureLand is a new Wisconsin dairy cooperative. Formerly known as Edelweiss Graziers Cooperative, five Wisconsin dairy farm families have adapted the former Minnesota-based PastureLand brand to market pasture-grazed dairy products made in Wisconsin.

PastureLand has adopted strong grass standards and is committed to producing pasture grazed products only when:

• Cows’ intake is 60 percent or more fresh pasture every day
• Each farm must provide 1-½ acres of land per cow for grazing
• No silages may be fed during the grazing season
• Fencing must be moved every 12 hours to allow fresh grass to cows
• No farm is allowed to use rBGH

The foundation of each of the five family farms is quality of life, both for the family and for the cows. Each family uses a whole farm approach, resulting in better working conditions for people and animals. PastureLand is proud to produce a natural, delicious dairy product in a way that regenerates the earth and reinvigorates America’s Dairyland.

Raising Practices

The grass that Pastureland farms grow is non-gmo.
Grains and silage fed to Pastureland Cows is not certified organic and may contain GMOs.
Some farmers in Pastureland Coop will spot spray for thistles, but no chemicals are regularly used on the grass.

Our Products

Pastured butter, Greek yogurt

Who Do You Support When Buying from Us

Milk haulers, manufacturers, their brother who makes yogurt with the milk, a local feed mill and five family farms.

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