Sugar River Dairy LLC


This grower uses synthetic fertilizers and/or pesticides.

Our Story

Ron Paris grew up on a dairy farm along with his brother who also continues to work in dairy at the Pastureland Coop. After attending a conference in Green County several years ago he saw the potential to make a value added product with the equipment that was available from Israel. That was 13 years ago. The Paris family is proud to bring you this Wisconsin made natural yogurt. It is their hope that you enjoy the wholesome, non-homogenized, creamy textured yogurt with it’s active cultures and authentic Wisconsin taste.

Sugar River Dairy believes that with minimal processing, we can create great tasting yogurt. We are proud to offer you a product that we hope you find satisfying, healthy and locally made.

Sugar River Dairy products are mostly sourced from conventional dairy farms which contain GMOs, growth hormones, antibiotics, and are grown with synthetic herbicides and pesticide.

Raising Practices

Currently, most of the milk comes from Red Barn Family Farms (certified humane conventional with no rGBH). Other producers are Hartwig (conventional with no rGBH) and the Pauli farm of PastureLand Co-op (non-GMO, pastured, no rGBH)

? Free Range
NO Certified Organic Feed
YES Synthetic Fertilizers, Pesticides, Fungicides, Herbicides
? Which ones?
YES Antibiotics
NO rBGH Hormones

Any certifications or special practices?

Our Products

Cow Milk Yogurt
Each cup of yogurt is cultured in the cup, so it contains all the original bacteria and original texture of the yogurt. It goes from a liquid to a solid yogurt all in its original cup.

Who Do You Support When Buying from US

Hartwig Farm which consists of a father and 2 sons , Pauli Farm from the Pastureland Coop, Sassy Cow Creamery, Ron and Chris Paris, and 3 full-time employees.

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