Pine River Dairy


The Olm family has owned and operated Pine River Dairy for over 60 years at the current location. The Olm cheesemaking heritage began with the sons of Civil War Veteran, August Olm, in 1877. His great Grandson, Roland, continued the tradition of cheesemaking when he purchased Pine River Dairy in 1932. Today, the Olm family, now in it’s sixth generation of dairy food producers, continues to operate the business manufacturing and selling butter and butter blends at the wholesale level.

Pine River Dairy sources their milk for butter from all around Wisconsin, supporting multiple conventional and small family farms along the way. All milk is produced in WI. They purchase the cream from cheese factories that rely on various farmers.

Conventional farms use antibiotics, hormones, GMO feed, and grow feed using synthetic herbicides and pesticides.

They do produce a butter that does not contain any growth hormones, this milk is kept separate.

Products they Sell:
European Style Butter and rbst free Buttercup Butter.

Who Do We Support:
5 Family member, 20 employees, 10 cheese factories where they purchase cream from and multiple WI farms.

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