Heritage Orchard LLC

Website: www.heritageorchard.net

Who We Are:
Heritage Orchard is a family owned and operated business located on the east shore of Lake Winnebago. Our primary focus is apple production with 18 acres of orchard raising 16 varieties of apples using an IPM approach to pest management. Apples are sold wholesale and retail. The facility includes cold storage and packing as well as cider pressing, using Ultraviolet (UV)processing and bottling. Heritage Orchard includes a Farm Market and Bakery and is open for retail sales September and October. Apple Cider has become a significant part of our product offering and has won nine first place awards in the Wisconsin Apple Growers annual cider contest.

Growing Practices:
We honor the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system. This means that we rely on natural and biological forces to maintain a healthy ecosystem to support our crop, unless there is an infestation or threat that we need to address. Then we will use “soft pesticides” to eliminate a particular insect that is causing problems.

NO Synthetic Preservatives
YES Synthetic Fungicides, Fertilizers, Insecticides (as needed per IPM)
Captan (fungicide)
Synthetic nitrogen and potassium fertilizers, changes yearly. Used only after soil
testing and UAF analysis.

What We Sell:
Award winning apple cider

Early Season Varieties:
Paula Red
Early Gold

Later Season Varieties:
Red Delicious
Golden Delicious

Latest Season Varieties:
Ida Red

Late season cider tends to be sweeter the more varieties of apples available. Macintosh is a staple apple in every batch, but almost all batches will be brewed a little differently. Small, custom, local brewed cider.

Who Do You Support?:
Vern, Anne, and Adam Gasch and about 20 part time employees during the apple season.

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