Kellner Back Acre Gardens, LLC

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Certified Organic

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Our Story

Kellner Back Acre Garden, LLC is a small, family owned CSA Farm specializing in naturally grown produce and farm range poultry.

We grow all of our products to ensure you receive the best quality possible. Most of our produce on raised beds giving the advantage of an early start. Herbs, annual flowers and vegetable plants are available for sale.

In 2009 another greenhouse, a germination chamber and field irrigation were added to increase our produce production. Our farm range chickens and turkeys are raised in the pastures during the day and brought into the barn at night for protection. Fresh brown eggs are also available for purchase.

In 2010 we added a hoop house which allowed us the opportunity to extend our growing season. Bee hives were also added to our farm harvesting regular and creamed honey.
In 2013 we put up another hoop house to extend the season.
2014 we are putting up another greenhouse.
2014 Kellner Back Acre Garden got the farm certified organic.

We invite you to experience what we enjoy and take pride in everyday.

Call us today to schedule your farm visit. Nancy 920-265-53615

Our Products

Herbs, annual flowers, vegetables, eggs.

Growing and Raising Practices

Certified Organic. Hand weeded, no sprays.

Who Do You Support When Buying from Us

Family ran farm. Tom and Nancy and 4 children. Supporters of Oneida Market, Be Alive, Terry’s Naturally.

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