Viola's Kitchen Garden


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Our Story

Viola’s Kitchen Garden began operation in 2014 on the Zipperer family farm six miles north of Manitowoc. Operated by Suzanne Zipperer, Viola’s is named after Suzanne’s grandmother, Viola Koch Zipperer, who was born on the homestead and farmed with her husband, Reinhardt. Viola and Reinhardt’s son, Virgil, bought the farm next door where Suzanne grew up. The original homestead has been in the family for five generations. Like us on Facebook to receive product updates.

Growing Practices

Viola’s Kitchen Garden is not certified organic as yet, but uses organic practices adding to the nutrients in the soil with organic matter. Safe food handling and good agriculture practices ensure food safety. No pesticides, herbicides, or artificial fertilizers are used. Areas around the garden are kept wild to provide habitat for pollinators and beneficial insects as well as other helpful critters.

NO Synthetic Fertilizers; Sustainable soil practices.
NO GMO feed; Free Range; No Hormones; No Antibiotics

Chickens feed is a grain mix depending on what is available and cost effective. They also benefit from garden waste. About 100 chickens are pastured on rotating areas that are about 40 by 200 feet. They are outside dawn to dusk then return to the barn or mobile trailer where they are safe from predators.

Our Products

Specialties: Pastured chickens, fall raspberries, and gem squash.

In addition, a large garden offering of vegetables is available in season

Who Do You Support When Buying from Us

Viola’s Kitchen Garden rents the buildings and 10 acres of land from Zip’s Donkey Acres, LLC, which is owned by four Zipperer sisters. The land not used is rented out to an organic dairy farmer for crop production. Viola’s is a member of the SLO Farmers Co-op, a producer cooperative serving farmers in northeast Wisconsin.

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