Port Fish, Ltd.

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Port Fresh demonstrates water conservation techniques and minimalist ecological approaches through our aquaponics systems. Consistent fertilization is achieved by maintaining a fish habitat of Yellow Perch, which provide rich wastes for produce that is grown in and around our greenhouse in Port Washington, WI.

As the story goes, serendipity proved to bring our operation into what was once the “Port Feeds” mill. Their facility included a 3200 square foot storage warehouse for chemical fertilizers.

Port Feeds is long gone. But in the summer of 2012, our organization scraped the last remaining fragments from the vicinity and began construction on the growing oasis that stands today.

Now we produce natural fertilizers that we aim to use to feed our neighbors.

All Port Fresh products are grown using natural integrative pest management, organic fertilizers (made locally), and a high standard on par with good agricultural practices.

All product proceeds go toward assisting in our mission to teach the ageless tradition of nature, the produce that will keep us young, and that food will always be the purest when it is fresh.

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