Dancing Duck Farm

Our Story

We wanted to have our own fresh eggs and chose ducks since they’re fun and fascinating. We’ve added different breeds to the flock over the years, but still have only hens. None of our ducks are used for meat, and are allowed to live out their lives here, laying or not.

Animal Conditions:
The ducks range outside every day, and for at least a little bit even during the coldest spells in winter. They are in a safe enclosure at night to protect them from predators. Most important to the consumer, these happy girls are fed supplemental certified organic feed and are not given antibiotics or non-organic anything.

Animal Breeds: Khaki Campbell, Indian Runner, Pekin, Welsh Harlequin, Call Duck.
Animal Feed: On pasture all day, bedded on organic hay at night, fed supplemental certified organic grain.

What We Sell:
Organic duck eggs.

Who Do You Support:
We are a small family growing our own organic produce and sharing the eggs from our healthy flock with others.

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