Cherryland's Best


Our Story

Since 1994, CherryLand’s Best has been producing some of the most well known treats made from Wisconsin cherries. Founded by Brian Joosten, CherryLand’s facility is located in Appleton, Wisconsin. Brian and his amazing crew of cherry specialists take great pride in producing both dried cherries and juices, delivering a healthy treat that is truly a “taste of Door County.”

Montmorency cherries are grown only in a few places on earth. That’s why we’re honored to be members of the Door County Tart Cherry Growers Association, a group of family-owned farmers that are dedicated to keeping tart cherries a locally-grown effort, helping us to continue producing our dried tart cherry products.

CherryLand’s Best is also a member of Something Special from Wisconsin (SSfW), a program of the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture that supports products and services from local farmers, food processors, and entrepreneurs, as well as Wisconsin communities and their way of life. The SSfW ensures that products are unique and of the highest quality. The presence of their logo guarantees that at least 50% of the product’s ingredients, production, or processing is either from or done in Wisconsin. We hope you enjoy our Door County cherries which are truly “something special from Wisconsin.”

Growing Practices

YES Synthetic Fertilizers, Pesticides
NO Synthetic Preservatives

Our Products

Dried cherries, no sugar added dried cherries, chocolate covered cherries, tart cherry juice.

Who Do We Support When Buying from You

Brian, 4 full time employees, and 3-5 part time employees, as well as several cherry growers and processors in the Door County area.

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