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USDA Certified Organic

Our Story

Century Sun Oil LLC was founded in 2009 with the vision of producing a healthy, local, certified organic cooking oil. Located on a 130 year old family farm just outside Pulaski, Wisconsin our production facility incorporates the dairy buildings on the farm repurposed with new updates to create a truly local efficient system.

We start by requiring a specific variety of certified organic high oleic sunflower seed to be used. Planting, soil nutrition and crop monitoring throughout the growing season is done in partnership with our organic farmers. From there, the seeds are carefully harvested and stored until ready for pressing. All operations from cold pressing, filtration, bottling, packaging and shipping are performed at our facility. Our only focus is sunflower oil, we do not process any other seeds.

To complete the eco cycle our residual meal is sold to organic dairy farmers for a much needed high protein supplement. This is an added benefit for both us and the farmers as there is no waste being created.

Growing Practices

Our processing methods are also certified organic which means no chemicals are used in any part of our production system. Our cold pressed and lightly filtered methods allow for all of our sunflower oil’s natural healthy constituents to remain for you to enjoy.

Century Sun Oil is a versatile all purpose oil which enhances the flavors of all your favorite recipes. Our high oleic sunflower oil is a great addition to your heart healthy lifestyle.

More Product Information
Trans Fat Free
GMO Free
Gluten Free
Monounsaturated Fat
High Omega 9
High Levels of Vitamin E
450 degree smoke point

Versatile— can be used in cooking applications as well as salad dressings
Blends well with other oils and butters
Used widely in the cosmetic and skin care industry, makes great soaps and lotions
We only process sunflower oil, no allergy risk from nuts or other seeds
Your primary oil for sauté, stir fry, deep fry and baking
HEALTHY fried foods: fish, chicken, potatoes- fabulous french fries!
Use in breads, pancakes and waffles
Makes wonderful salad dressings
Also makes the BEST popcorn


Sunflower Oil

Who Do We Support When Buying from You

Dale, Pam and at least 2 small organic sunflower growers throughout Wisconsin.

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