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USDA Certified Organic

Our Story

Blue Farm brand tortilla chips are produced and distributed by Randy and Judy Hughes of A-Maize-ing Corn Products in Janesville, Wisconsin. Randy is a fifth generation farmer in a family that has been farming for over 150 years.

Randy wanted to add value to his cropping system and stem the rampant use of chemicals. He also wanted to find a value added product that he could sell directly to the consumer. He settled on blue corn and the delicious snacks made from it.

The problem was getting blue corn (a southwestern native corn) to grow well in southern Wisconsin. “Our blue corn is grown in well isolated fields to ensure genetic purity”, says Hughes. “We decided to hand pick some seed each year to develop our own strain of open pollinated blue corn that has steadily improved over the last ten years”. It is these 10 years of development that give his chip their deep dark blue color and the more robust corn flavor not found in other chips. It also allows the Hughes’ to have a constant supply of high quality corn. In creating a recipe for the tortilla chips and the corn chips, the blue corn provides a consistent corn taste that has met with great success.

The folks at A-Maize-ing Corn Products are committed to organic agriculture. The Hughes’ have approximately 1000 acres that are certified organic by the Organic Crop Improvement Association. In addition to blue corn they also grow soybeans and small grains. “One of our goals in supporting organic agriculture is to bring the consumer closer to the farmer. We achieve this at A-Maize-ing Corn Products by doing everything ourselves, from developing and producing our own seed to the marketing and distribution of the finished product.” Over 90% of the chips that A-Maize-ing Corn Products produces are consumed in the Midwest near where the corn is produced. The Hughes’ feel it is important to support local organic agriculture. They are very appreciative of the support they have received from local consumers.

“We work hard to make a great product. Our pride goes out in every bag” says Randy.

Growing Practices

NO Synthetic Fertilizers
YES Organic Fertilizers
composted chicken manure, cover crops in winter
YES Organic Pesticides
3-4 year crop rotation
Certified organic
100% local ingredients

Our Products

Blue corn tortilla chips

Who Do You Support When Buying From Us

6 Generation family farm, 9 employees, 4 family members.

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