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Our Story

Our ancestors bought our farm sight unseen in 1847 in Vermont. After Survarnard Jewett came & checked out the land, he wrote & told the rest of the family to sell the farm in VT & head west. They cleared land, built a house, barn, etc. Through the years of wheat farming, purebred dairy cows & all other sorts of agriculture, maple syrup producing was always the spring activity to provide sugar for the upcoming year. Our woods sits on top of a fairly large hill that the railroad went around as well as town roads. Our sugar bush is graced with many huge maples. In the last 10 years the 5th & 6th generations are taking an active part in the maple syrup production & increasing sales as the interest, by the public, in natural foods increases. Maple syrup not only tastes good, but research is showing that it is really good for you.

Production Standards

We maintain the 120 acres of hardwoods with good forestry practices that help the maple trees to grow large crowns & capture the needed sun for ultimate syrup production.

Our Products

Maple Syrup
Maple Caramel Corn
Maple Granola
Maple Sugar
Maple Cream
Flavored Maple syrups

Who Do You Support When Buying From Us

Family-held corporation of 18 members

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