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Our Story

Clario Farms is an organic produce and CSA farm. We grow fresh produce and raise poultry, eggs, beef and lamb for member customers. Modeled after traditional Italian farmsteads, Clario Farms is producing artisan pasta and other Mediterranean style value-added foods for wider distribution.

While medical research continues to show that optimal health may be achieved with a “Mediterranean Diet”, this blanket-term does not account for deeper truths. Medical science is just now beginning to discover that the problem lies in modern hybridized seed-stock, heavily processed foods and and a glut of refined sugars. It is Clario Farms mission to reconnect with ancient grains, heirloom seed, and sustainable organic practices in order to provide the kinds of foods that can be part of the healthy diet and lifestyle that is so elusive in the modern marketplace.

We use the best quality select flours – including semolina, organic Wisconsin-grown high protein wheat flour, as well as ancient grains like Turkish Red, Einkorn Wheat and Spelt in our special varieties. We feel that the key to these products – and what REALLY sets Clario Pasta apart – is the farmstead EGGS. We use the freshest eggs laid by our pastured, free-range chickens who are fed the highest quality organic feed – in addition the foraging they do around our farm. This means you get a pasta with a nutritional profile that far eclipses any other pasta on the market.
Next – we introduce fresh herbs or vegetables from Clario Farms into the mix, and fuse them, laminate them, pulverise ‘em, or otherwise coax them into the pasta dough. Then the dough is rolled, cut and packaged by hand, and popped into our deep freezer to lock in the freshness. Currently, Clario Farms is adding a GLUTEN FREE line of pasta, which will include both long noodles and short cuts. The gluten free line will include our famous eggs, and will feature a thoroughly tested recipe that we feel is the finest gluten free pasta in terms of texture and flavor that can be found anywhere.

Growing Practices

Eggs are sourced from Clario farms which are free range and organically fed.
All the vegetables and herbs used in the pasta are grown on Clario’s chemical free farm.
The wheat is sourced from a certified organic grower in Wisconsin.
The only thing that is not organically sourced in the semolina flour, a staple for any Italian pasta. Claria is still searching for an organic source.

NO Synthetic Preservatives
NO Synthetic Fertilizers, Pesticides, Fungicides, Herbicides
*with the exception of the products including semolina flour

Our Products

Homemade Sauces (coming soon)

Who Do You Support When Buying from Us

Claire, Mario, their daughter Nina, their CSA farm, Lonesome Stone Milling, Valley Bakers and a taste for authentic Italian food.
For more information on what’s available, and when you can expect to see it – check our Facebook page, or contact us for more information.

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