Blueberry Haven LLC


Our Story

I asked myself what should we grow, what is needed and different from all the farmers in our area. While drinking coffee and reading the newspaper I came across a story on Blueberries. I decided to further my research and knew Blueberries was it. Spent one year working the field, adding overhead irrigation for frost protection. Planted over 16000 plants.
Family owned and operated 15 ac high bush blueberry farm. You pick and Pre-picked available.
We grow 5 varieties for a 8 week picking season. Dukes, Patriots, Blueray, Bluecrop and Nelsons
Our plants average 5’ tall and can produce up to 15lb per bush, 2 and 3 pickings. They produce large sweet berries, second picking they may be a little smaller but are sweeter. Our hours are Tuesday – Saturday 7am – 1pm Mid July – August

Growing Practices

NO Pesticides
All Natural Fertilizer
Fungicies only when needed and only before fruit growth and after harvest.
Herbicides before fruit growth
All hand picked

Our Products


Who Do You Support When Buying from Us

Buying from us keeps our farm open to the public, and for us to share with you a wonderful fruit. We have up to 8 employees

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