Bluegill Heaven


Our Story

Roy and Holly started Bluegill Heaven as a fish farm growing bluegill, perch and koi. Heavy populations of returning geese to our ponds got us looking at something that could deter them from returning and raising their numerous young, so we started raising heritage ducks and started a flock of Anconas.

Raising Practices

Grade A Eggs
Yes Free Range – Daylight to dusk, 10 acres of green space and ponds
Yes Certified Organic
No GMO Feed
No Synthetic hormones
No Antibiotics
Yes Supplemental lighting during Winter months
We feed our animals surplus vegetables from the garden
We raise Ancona Heritage Ducks

Our Products

Duck Eggs
Meat Ducks

Who and What Do You Support When Buying From Us?

When you buy our products you are promoting heritage breeds, known for longevity and sustainability

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