Sattler Farm Lamb


This grower uses synthetic fertilizers and/or pesticides.

Sattler Farm Lamb is a fifth generation family farm raising grain-fed quality lamb. Darren Sattler runs the farm with help from his son Tjark, and his wife Jordyn, and daughter Abby and husband Joel. Darren’s great grandparents and grandparents operated the far prior to Darren and his family took over the operation in 1967. After graduating college and getting married, Darren and Cheri bought the farm in 1988 and began raising and selling carcass lambs a year later. In 2007 Sattler Farm began selling individual retail cuts off the farm and at area farmers markets.

The lambs are born to our flock of Suffolk-Hampshire ewes. They are pastured continuously and have a corn, oats, and mineral supplement available on free choice.

All of our retail cuts are frozen upon processing and are sold only as a frozen product.

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