Memories Gourmet Pizza Company


Our Story

Memories Gourmet Pizza Company is a dream come true of founder Mike Premeau. The company can be found in a small country village, Nichols Wisconsin, population, 300.
Mike, lover of a true gourmet pizza found it impossible to find a quality gourmet pizza that met the standards that he was looking for. The results of the search made him aware that the only way for him to find a true gourmet pizza was to do the work himself, using the finest of ingredients.
Making them available to the public was the next step.
Having accomplished that, we needed to move on to the level in our adventure. This happened when we became aware of the huge demand for a hand-topped, great-tasting Gluten Free, No Preservative Added, high quality Pizza that consumers were looking for.

Producing Practices

All of our pizzas are hand-sauced, hand-topped, double hand-wrapped for freshness and are stamped with a “Hand-topped date” so you know when that pizza was manufactured.

Our Products

We now manufacture a 12 inch Gluten-free/No preservative added frozen pizza that is topped on a new artisanal hand-crafted crust. We also offer a 12 inch Traditional crust product as well as a 7 inch Traditional crust Breakfast pizza that can be purchased by special order. GMO is an issue we deal with constantly, we can not get confirmed statements from our meat and dairy producers that the products they provide us do not contain GMO, so we have to note that there is a possibility that those additives may be present. In addition to the question of GMO we can add that our Gluten Free products have only natural preservatives in the ingredients and no preservatives are added during manufacturing.

Who and What Do You Support When Buying From Us

We as a small business feel it is necessary to support other small businesses in the state of Wisconsin. For that reason all of the products used to manufacture are purchased here in Wisconsin with the exception of Black and Green Olives. Unfortunately they do not grow well in our state. As a result of our product manufacturing practices we are a proud member of, and supporter of, Something Special From Wisconsin.

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