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My wife and I started our business as a fish farm on 80 acres near Merrill Wisconsin in 2003. We currently live on a 40 acre farm of which 15 acres are ponds. In 2014 due to the ethics and cost of fish meal we started a management practice called Fish Cum Duck adding Ancona (heritage breed) ducks. The duck part is to control weeds and encourage zooplankton growth as a base for larger spices for the fish to feed on. The ducks year long eggs production is now being assisted by the addition of white layer ducks. This is based on a sage time proven adage do not put all your eggs in one basket. We have a lot to learn and continue having fun as we go.

Our goal is to keep as organic and local as possible to provide an affordable duck egg. The ducks are let out every day at 9am to the ponds and pastures. The eggs are hand gathered. Ducks come back in at sunset to their organic feed and fresh water. They love this routine. Any change is met with resistance. Keeping your ducks in a row is a good thing. By the way, duck eggs taste great. Either for breakfast or in fresh bakery, creating more lift in your products, more richness in the flavor. Often, people with allergies to chicken eggs are able to consume duck eggs with no problems.

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Duck Eggs

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Breed: Heritage Breed Ancona
Number of animals: 100
Are your eggs Grade A, Grade B or both?: Grade A
Free Range Animals: YES, All day during light hours. 40 Acres of ponds and open pastures.
YES Certified Organic Supplemental Feed
NO Synthetic Hormones
NO Antibiotics
Do you use Supplemental Lighting? YES. When the sun goes down. 4 Hours during winter season.
What do you feed your chickens/ducks? All they food they want to forage on 40 acres. Organic corn, soybeans, barley, oats, wheat, flax, molasses, soybean oil, vitamins, minerals and supplements.

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