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Our Story

Kevin and Becky were brought together by fate during the Winter Solstice of 1993. Life would change for us during the fall of 2003 when Kevin read an article about using ocean water to re-mineralize food. We began growing wheatgrass with concentrated sea water as the plant food. As word spread, orders increased for the first fresh bottled wheatgrass juice in North America. With Kevin’s passion for growing food, and Becky’s flair for business, our company took off. Our website elicited calls from all over the world. The OceanGold™ product line was expanded to include Baby Sunflower Greens and Pea Shoots. In 2004, we purchased a small farm just outside of Shiocton, and added a salad blend available year-round, seasonal vegetables, and other raw, live, ready to eat foods. In 2007, together with a colleague on the East Coast, we developed our own biodynamically-enhanced sea mineral concentrate for growing our food. This product, called Thalassa Mix, is now distributed internationally. We have shipped our products to every state in the U.S. and three continents. Our growing methods meet or exceed Organic Standards, but we go much further by employing biodynamic practices and complete mineralization. Our food is intentionalized with Love and to serve the highest good of all. We believe that by eating OceanGold™ food regularly, you will derive tremendous benefit, not only physically, but spiritually as well. The year is now 2014 and in addition to our year-round innovative food production methods, we are expanding what we offer to include personal care items such as skin care, soap, vibrational essences, toothpaste and energetically-enhances products that we use everyday. We are grateful to you, our customers, for entrusting us to feed and help nourish your family, and promise you our very best, each and every day!

Growing Practices

We work in partnership with Nature. We utilize organic and biodynamic practices, complete mineralization from sea salts and rock powders and Intention.

Our Products

Seasonal fruits and vegetables, greens, herbs, botanicals and year-round microgreens, baby greens and wheatgrass.
We value-add our produce offering raw, vegan, gluten-free ready to eat foods.
We also produce vibrational essences, gem elixirs, flower essences and 100% natural personal care products.

Who Do You Support When Buying from Us

Our customers are supporting a small family farm run by a husband and wife, Kevin Keune and Becky Rickel.

Our essence is clearly stated in our mission statement: Creating and enacting visions aligned with Mother Nature, to facilitate planetary evolution.

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