Terra Verde Coffee

Website: www.terraverdecoffee.com/

USDA Certified Organic

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Terra Verde, located in the beautiful small town of Chilton, Wisconsin is a socially conscious, environmentally friendly, and organic coffeehouse, roastery- specializing in gourmet coffee which is roasted on site and creating some of the best certified organic teas around!

The Roasting

We roast weekly at Terra Verde. Our coffee is carefully selected from our importers and sampled for quality before it’s even purchased. We select only the highest quality bean possible. After the coffee is received, we profile it in-house to find it’s “sweet spot” of roasting. Every batch is different, therefore once roasted, the coffee is then left to cool, “cupped”, sampled by our owners and staff, and only then, served. Terra Verde prides itself in maintaining the most consistent level and technique of roasting possible.

The Blends

Every one of our blends has been handcrafted and inspired by our surroundings and coffee experiences. Each blend has a clear purpose and function. Each one is distinct & satisfying. Our most popular selections include: Lighthouse, House Blend, Breakfast Club, Terra Verde Organic & Espresso Verde Blend.

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