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Our Story

Stephanie started out in 2005 as an intern with Springdale Farm. There she learned how to germinate, read the soil, plant, store produce, become a steward of the land and interact with Mother Nature’s sweet touch and harsh temper.
In 2008 she decided to go off on her own and purchased land just 20 miles northeast of Springdale Farm. Stephanie and friends worked the land for a year before getting her first yield. All the hard work paid off, as she was able to open up CSA shares to the community in 2009. The CSA continues to grow more and more each year with the help the surrounding communities, 4 to 5 interns a year and green thumb friends always willing to help.
Even though she parted ways with Springdale Farm, they remained in touch over the years and had decided there was a need for Stephanie to produce chicken eggs. So in 2010 arrived the first flock of chickens and in 2011 she started supplying chicken eggs to fill Springdale Farm’s CSA shares.

Growing Practices

Produce: Sustainably Grown
NO Synthetic Fertilizers, Herbicides and Pesticides,or Fungicides
YES Organic Fertilizer
Worm Casting Compost

Something Special from Wisconsin participant
Biodynamic Farm
Free Range
NO Synthetic Hormones
NO Antibiotics
Chicken Breeds: Ameraucana, Leghorn, and Rhode Island Red
These chickens lay blue, white, and brown eggs

We feed out chickens only organic corn seed and we also allow out on pasture to naturally eat the bugs and insects that will make them the healthiest animals.

Our Products:

Vegetables,Berries,Eggs, Pickled Brussel Sprouts, Grassfed Pork, Grassfed Milk, Cheese

Who and What Do You Support When Buying From Us:

1 Dedicated and passionate Owner
3 Interns (1 short of The Beatles John, Paul, George)
1 Community Bank

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