All Natural Greens

Website: allnaturalgreens.com

Our Story

All Natural Greens is an Aquaponic farm established in October 2011. We started this farm because we love the sustainability aquaponics has to offer the agriculture business. We offer farm tours and would welcome all who are interested in learning about Aquaponics. We are located 1 hour north of Green Bay, and 2.5 miles north of Marinette,WI on Hwy. 180.

Growing Practices

All Natural Greens uses a system for growing called Aquaponics. This system raises fish and grows plants in a symbiotic relationship. We are 100% all natural and never use ANY pesticides on our produce. Now that’s better than Organic!

NO Synthetic Fertilizers, Pesticides, Fungicides, or Herbicides
YES Approved Certified Organic Fertilizers

Our Products

Our products include lettuce, herbs, and fresh or frozen Tilapia and yellow perch coming by the end of 2014.

Who Do We Support When Buying From You

Supporting our business is supporting locally grown, sustainable, non-GMO, and healthy food for your family.

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