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Our Story

Our very first adventure was to make maple syrup as a hobby with our sons. After hours of cooking down the syrup in a pan in our back yard, we would finish off the syrup in our home kitchen. When the steam started to peel off the wallpaper, we had to come up with a better method.

We then built a State-Approved kitchen with stainless steel equipment to ensure the highest quality product. We tap 15,000 to 17,000 taps using buckets.

Clifford then decided he wanted another natural product to go along with maple syrup, so he started with ten bee hives and through many hours of reading and hard knocks, we now have 350 beehives, which we keep in school buses to protect them from bears.

We decided to hit the road to offer our products to the public. We knew we had natural, high-quality products that were not only healthy but good too! For 23+ years, we’ve done many shows, catalogs and website. Through the shows we have met so many wonderful people, whom we enjoy seeing year after year.

We have four sons and five grandchildren that we enjoy every moment with. When we do have time off, we like to go to the cabin to fish. We also take off a week in November for the big Dear Hunt. Nancy usually hunts for three hours before landing her big buck. Clifford likes to sit in the deer blind all season and count the deer while waiting for the Monster Buck… who never seems to come.

So what began as a hobby for us became many sleepless nights and hours of hard work. Yet nothing can replace the wonderful memories along the way.

If you have any questions please give us a call and we will be happy to talk with you. Our toll free number is (800)897-2488. Thank you for buying our products and we will see you on the road!

Clifford and Nancy Patz

Growing Practices

We use organic practices however we are not certified organic.
NO Synthetic Preservatives
NO Synthetic Fertilizers, Pesticides, Herbicides or Fungicides

Our Products

Maple and Honey Products. We have just added our own farm raised buckwheat and stone ground wheat flours to our product line.

Who Do You Support When Buying from Us

The Patz family.

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