Caprine Supreme


Our Story

Milking goats since 1999. 3 years sold the goats becuase of shoulder injury. Making cheese for 7 years. Cheese factory still the same. Farm house. Trying to add value to our milk. Worked 8 years at a cheese factory. Grew up on a cow farm. Wanted to still farm, but didn’t want to do cows. Wanted to do a small farm and didn’t have facilities to handle big animals. Liked goats.
Buy milk from single source farm. Small family farm in Freedom, WI.
Enjoy it and makes everything in small batches. Truly artisan.

Producing Practices

YES Free Range Animals
Goats go out in morning and evening, but don’t like hot sun. They are free to, but just

NO Certified Organic Feed
YES Synthetics Fertilizers, Herbicides, and Pesticides
NO Synthetic Hormones
NO Antibiotics

Feed: Grain, hay, and grass (and then they basically chew on everything else that is visible.)
Breed: Saanen and Alpines

Our Products

Goat cheeses: Feta, Plain and Garlic&Dill, Harvest Moon, Flavored Jack, Gouda, Chevre

Who Do You Support When Buying from Us

Todd and Sheryl, and 5 Star Dairy Goats business, Quality Dairy Coop.

And Todd’s son Trent.

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