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These great culinary delights all started with a recipe handed down to me from a special family member,for salsa and then I added to the collection every year. Currently 5 salsa’s, 2 flavors of relish, 2 flavors of pickles, dilly beans & pickled hot peppers are my products.

I changed a few ingredients to improve flavor & taste and was making the salsa for family & friends.

When invited to parties or get-togethers, I was always asked that I bring the salsa: and an extra jar for the host. After many years of making my salsa for entertaining only, a close friend strongly recommended I should go public with my creation.

So in 2006, I started putting my plan together. I would pick my own tomatoes, onions & peppers at their freshest peak from local farmers. One of the local farmers that I get the majority of tomato’s and peppers from is Sunny Hill. They are known to use Biological farming practices and the plasticulture method. These processes grow the tastiest and most flavorful plants. Only in select times do they use pesticides, for they also like a great product. I do use “organic” garlic, oregano & chili powder and other spices-no chemicals. Then finish off with natural apple cider vinegar and sea salt, for great flavor. Apple cider vinegar is what makes my product very unique. A two day process of picking, preparing, chopping, cooking, and canning into jars, then I have to clean the jars,label & distribute my product…

With these products that are homemade, I needed a name that was unique that people would remember. With the help of my husband, we came up with putting a “Y” in front of all my products to represent my first name, Yvonne. As of now I have Y’Salsa, Y’Relish, Y”Dilly Pickles,Y”Dilly Beans,& Y’So Hot Pickled Peppers. I don’t have any plan on a new product, but you never know when I change my mind. I love the flavor of all my products and put lots of love and hard work into the production of my canned goods. With all this work, there is a reward. It’s the smile on my customer’s face as they enjoy my products…and make a purchase. Some of the quotes I hear when tasting my products are “I think I died and went to heaven, this is so-o good.” “Oh my goodness, these pickles are to die for”. “I could eat the whole jar!” “I’ve never tasted Blueberry Salsa, but this is awesome”. Take a chance to taste any of my products, but beware, it can be addicting!

Make sure you check the vendor/market page on my upcoming events so I can meet you personally and you can try my product right there. I always love hearing what you think of my product or suggestions you may have for me.

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