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Our Story

Several years ago, founder, Gerard Alberts, learned the importance of eating organic, whole foods. As their health and diet improved, Gerard discovered the amazing benefits of kombucha. After learning how to make kombucha, he perfected the method to create delicious kombucha that was most beneficial. This resulted in powerful kombucha which retained the most live cultures, nutrients, probiotics, and natural flavor. As a result, Gerard received many requests for his kombucha. The demand for his kombucha became so high, he decided to start his company, Purely Living. It is even became in demand and recommended by doctors.

Our Products

Purely Living Kombucha is not enlightened or diluted. It is a pure, highly concentrated, raw kombucha. Purely Living Kombucha is different because it uses raw and pure ingredients requiring a time-consuming production method to retain benefits of ingredients. This unique method produces the highest quality kombucha with the most effective and powerful ingredients you will find. The results in kombucha that is high in probiotics, antioxidants, phyto-nutrients, and raw enzymes.

We take our time in creating our hand-crafted kombucha from our fruit that is cold-pressed at our facility to the two-step fermentation procedure. We control every aspect in producing our kombucha to eliminate toxins from the ingredients, the air, and from the water. This includes our ductless, ventless facility and four step water filter system.

Nothing processed in our kombucha such as extracts, pasteurized juice, essences, dried fruit, or cO2 capsules. We use ingredients that are non-GMO and grown without chemicals.

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