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Our Story

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Our goal was to raise a healthy meat for us and our family. We chose to raise Tibetan Yaks.

Raising Practices

YES Free Range
24/7 on 54 acres
NO Certified Organic Feed?
NO Synthetic Hormones
NO Antibiotics
Feed: Their diet is pure grass(and a few apples for a treat!), and hay in the winter. The meat is up to 98% lean, high in Omega 3, low in fat, calories and cholesterol.
Yaks are bovines(cows) so the flavor is very beef-like. Cook this meat very much as you would venison or buffalo because of the low fat content.

YES Free Range
how many hours a day and how many acres?
NO Certified Organic Feed?
YES/No Synthetic Hormones?
YES/NO Antibiotics?
We also raise pasture chickens and eggs. We feed our chickens, all vegetable feed (what kinds of vegetables??), pasture and garden scraps. We hope to have pasture chicken meat available in the future. We sell eggs from our home and also at the Shawano Farmers Market.

Our Products

Yak patties, yak jerky, yak steaks?, chicken eggs?

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