Hidden Valley Farm


Our Story

We have been raising sheep since 1992. As a small family business we oversee the daily life of our animals. We strive to produce healthy, happy lambs which translates into a healthy product for consumers. our sheep spend the summer moving from pasture to pasture on a rotational grazing system designed to produce qualtiy lamb as well as maintaining high levels of environmental stewarship. Our goal is to produce a quality product and to maintain an environmentally sustainable farm.

Raising Practices

YES Free Range
When there is pasture, 24/7.
NO Certified Organic Feed
No Synthetic Hormones
YES Antibiotic
Minimal,once, shortly after birth. A shot of penicillin.

Feed: Fresh grass and hay
Breed: Coopworth

Our Products

Lamb: ground, patties, leg of lamb (bone-in and boneless), leg steaks, stew meat, chops, loin and rib, shoulder roasts (bone-in and boneless), blade steaks, shanks, neck bones, liver, heart, kidney, summer sausage, ring bologna, wieners

Our sheep products: sheep skins, yarn, roving, quilt beds

Who Do You Support When Buying from Us

Paul and Carol Wagner, 4-part time employees, 1 shearer, and other local businesses.

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