Stonehouse Farm


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Our Story

Stonehouse Farm was founded in 2011 when we, (owners Karl Schwingel and Katja Marquart), moved to this land with dreams of rehabilitating the old farmstead back into a small family farm. Driven to live more sustainable, authentic and creative lives, we seek opportunities to help others through education, goods and services.

The farm was named after the original farm house, made from stones harvested from the site. It is still standing on the property today, though in need of some TLC. We currently are in the process of fully renovating the structure for future use.

Available products include pasture-raised heritage meats and artisan pesto varieties. Our products are raised and/or produced on our farm, and sold in locations around WI and direct to consumers at local farmer’s markets and through pre-order options.

We are located in Rudolph, WI.

Our Products

Pastured, non-GMO chicken
Artisan Pesto: Garlic Scape Pesto, Kale Pesto, and Sweet Basil Pesto

Our Practices


What breed are your chickens?
Freedom Rangers (NOTE: the chickens we raised for TLF are Cornish X, but otherwise we raise Freedom Rangers)

YES Free-Range
Our chickens roam 24/7 — they live outside on pasture. We rotate our birds on grass and pasture, and surround them within a large area of electric poultry netting to help keep predators away. Each bird has a lot of space to roam, maybe 10 square ft., on average.

Do you have any certifications? Not at this time.

YES Certified Organic Feed
The Cornish X birds we raised for TLF were fed certified organic feed.

The Cornish X birds we raised for TLF were fed non-GMO Feed.

NO Synthetic Hormones

NO Antibiotics


Please tell us about the ingredients you use and how they were produced by answering the following questions:

YES/NO Certified Organic
Some of the ingredients are certified organic. I use certified organic olive oil in all pesto varieties and certified organic lemon juice (Kale pesto). All Kale, Garlic, Scapes, and Basil are grown organically on our farm, though we are not certified organic.

YES locally sourced
Yes, we use local cheese and strive to source other ingredients through local producers/distributors/sellers. All of the “green” inputs — Kale, Garlic, Basil and Scapes are either grown by us on our farm or sourced from local organic farmers if the need arises.


NO Preservatives

NO Synthetic Fertilizers, Pesticides, Herbicides, Fungicides

Do you have any certifications?
We hold the following state licenses: Food Processing Plant, Food Warehouse, and Mobile Food Retail.

Do you have any special practices?
Our pesto is made in small batches with care, and then frozen in glass jars to preserve maximum freshness.

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